This free calculator allows you to calculate the Laplace transform of piecewise functions. You can use it to solve problems and check your answers. It has three input fields:

  • Row 1: add function 1 and the corresponding time interval
  • Row 2: add your function 2 and the corresponding time interval

Illustrative example about how to use piecewise Laplace transform calculator

As an example, let’s consider the following Laplace transform problem:

Step 1:

  • Write the above function in the corresponding fields as shown below:
Free piecewise laplace calculator

Step 2:

  • Hit the Submit button to get the following:
Free step by step piecewise Laplace transform calculator

Hence the Laplace transform of the piecewise function

\displaystyle f(t)=\left\{ \begin{array}{ll} 0, & 0\leq t<2\\t^2-4t+4, &t\geq 2 \end{array}\right.

is given by:

\displaystyle F(s)=2 \frac{e^{-2t}}{s^3}

which is the same as the solution provided in this post!

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